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Learn by engaging in one-to-one discussions about every topic, organised by the syllabus, which is proven to be the most effective way of learning.
Revise with personalised revision notes
Review revision notes for every topic, written specifically for each Exam Board Specification, so you learn exactly what you need to know for exams.
Practice real past exam questions with instant marking
Master exam technique and gain confidence in getting maximum marks.
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Join over 2000+ students who use Medly to study effectively and maximise their grades.
Past exam questions
Revision notes
Practice mock exams
Learn by doing
Discussing a topic in a step-by-step way is the most effective way of learning and revision.
Instant marking and feedback
Answer real exam questions from AQA, Edexcel, CIE and IB Exam Boards and get immediate marking and feedback.
Tailored to your exams
Answer real questions from AQA, Edexcel, CIE and IB Exam Boards.
"Medly is incredible! It's honestly the best method I've ever used to revise."
Sam, GCSE Student
"The instant exam practice and marking is amazing - can't imagine revising without Medly!"
Chloe, GCSE Student
Are you a teacher?

Medly is an all-in-one AI platform built for schools. With Medly, teachers can set homework and exams, mark answers using AI, and track students' progress according to the Exam Board Specification.

If you would like to discuss how we can help you integrate Medly into your classroom, please get in touch!

Made by a doctor and neuroscientist

We are a team of doctors and neuroscientists, passionate about making high quality education accessible to all.

Medly is trained on UK examination board content, carefully written by our experts, to ensure students learn exactly what they need to learn, when they want to learn it.

Dr Paul Jung
BSc (Hons), PhD
Paul is a Neuroscientist and Teaching Associate at UCL, who has helped over 200 students maximise their grades and secure offers at top universities.
Dr Kavi Samra
As a Doctor, Anaesthetist and Honorary Teaching Fellow at UCL Medical School, Kavi has nearly a decade of experience teaching students from 11+ to University Students.
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